Lipetskaya (rus. Липецкая) is a nickname of Lapis Lazuli that is used frequently in Russian SU Fandom.



Bottle of Lipetskaya Rosinka


Bottle of Lipetskiy Buvet


An example of Homeworld Foods AU meme. Lapis is shown as a bottle of water.

In non-fandom usage, Lipetskaya is a Russian mineral water brand. It is called in the honour of Lipetsk Oblast (rus. Липецкая Область), the region around town Lipetsk, which is famous for its plenteous soil land.

Actually Lipetskaya is an adjective that needs a noun after it. So the brand produces several types of bottled water with a bit different titles. The most famous of them are Lipetskaya Rosinka (Lipetsk Waterdrop) and Lipetskiy Buvet (Lipetsk Buvette).

The main reason why Lapis Lazuli got such a name is similarity of words Lapis and Lipetskaya and her water powers.

Steven Universe Meme

In ERFFSU (rus. ЭРФФСЮ) and other VK groups it's a part of alternate Homeworld foods AU, in which Peridot appears as Dorito, and Jasper as Cheeto. Sometimes Lipetskaya can appear as bottle without concrete title, but it would still would be called in that way.